Hamond’s High School community project trip to Kenya

We at the Arlington Group are pleased to be supporting Hamond’s High School in Swaffham, Norfolk on their trip to Kenya in February 2012.

The caring students are proudly representing their school and will be taking part in a community project, exchanging skills to the local children in Kenya  and also raise money for the school children’s lunches and urgent repairs needed for their very basic classrooms.

To Support the trip, current fund raising activities includes our head chef, Pete Crundwell of our George Hotel in Swaffham and his son Ryan cycling 1000 miles, with half the sponsorship money helping bring down the overall cost of the trip for the group, and the other half made out as a direct donation. Alongside this mammouth bike ride the students are also involved in other activities such as parachute jumping, designer clothes sale, baking cakes to sell at school social evenings, car washing and  valeting, making poster for donation support through local businesses and even leg waxing, making sure the teachers and Pete’s legs are first in line …

The recent article in the Lynn news, , has helped highlight this cause, and we are hopeful that the local Lions club etc will also join in.

If you wish to help in any way or would like to donate, please contact petecrundwell@hotmail.com or call  Ms Welham on 01760 721480.

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