The country’s leading ghost hunters to visit The George Swaffham

The George Hotel at Swaffham is preparing to receive another visit from one of the country’s leading ghost hunting organisations.

The most famous and the ghost most often seen is the Green Lady but there are claims that five ghosts reside in this beautiful old building, the Green Lady is probably the most often reported as guests have seen a lady in green holding a pan and she has been known to tap people on the shoulder or on the back.

A recently retired night porter who was sceptical about her presence reported being pushed in the back by her, and needless to say he’s now a firm believer!

A company specialising in haunted weekends is visiting the hotel on 24 March to see if they can discover one or all five ghosts during the weekend.

As well as the Green Lady, there’s the Gay Ghost, who has been tugging at the belt of a waiter’s trousers, there is the Maid, the Night Porter and the Crying Child.

But don’t worry, all our ghosts are friendly and don’t haunt any of the bedrooms only an old store room and the basement so you’ll be quite safe from anything that goes bump in the night.

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