UEFA Euro 2012 action at Hotel Wroxham this Summer

Friday, June 15

Ukraine v France, Group D, 5pm     Sweden v England, Group D, 7.45pm

Saturday, June 16

Czech Republic v Poland, Group A, 7.45pm     Greece v Russia, Group A, 7.45pm

Sunday, June 17

Denmark v Germany, Group B, 7.45pm     Portugal v Holland, Group B, 7.45pm

Monday, June 18

Croatia v Spain, Group C, 7.45pm     Italy v Republic of Ireland, Group C, 7.45pm

Tuesday, June 19                  

England v Ukraine, Group D, 7.45pm      Sweden v France, Group D, 7.45pm

Thursday, June 21

Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B, Quarter-final 1, 7.45pm

Friday, June 22

Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A, Quarter-final 2, 7.45pm

Saturday, June 23

Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D, Quarter-final 3, 7.45pm

Sunday, June 24

Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C, Quarter-final 4, 7.45pm

Wednesday, June 27

Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 3, Semi-final 1, 7.45pm

Thursday, June 28

Winner QF 2 v Winner QF 4, Semi-final 2, 7.45pm

Sunday, July 1

Winners SF1 v Winners SF2, Final, 7.45pm

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